Solution Series: Designing a Military Hiring Strategy to Achieve Plant-Level Success

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What You’ll Learn

We invite you to join us for the Manufacturing Institute Solution Series: Designing a Military Hiring Strategy to Achieve Plant-Level Success, a new workshop focused on providing innovative solutions to recruit the military community into manufacturing careers. The MI’s Solution Series will be a results-oriented workshop for an exclusive group of manufacturing leaders and will equip you with real action items you can begin to implement immediately to recruit and retain skilled talent from the military community.

Who Should Attend

Recruitment strategies require collaboration across your organization and the community. For that reason, this workshop recommends individuals involved in talent acquisition, HR, community partnerships, or others responsible for building a talent pipeline consider attending this event.

Why You Should Attend

Have you ever had a harder time recruiting employees than right now? According to recent data, there are 8.5 million job openings in the economy, but only 6.5 million people looking for jobs. That means there are only 76 people looking for work for every 100 postings. Manufacturers are competing for talent in a very limited labor pool. So, what can you do to stand out? Expand your recruitment pools. If you’re having trouble finding talent using traditional recruitment methods, discover innovative practices to successfully hire and retain more veterans and military spouses into your workforce.

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