Second Chance Hiring for Local Communities

Manufacturers are well-positioned to lead in welcoming people into their workforce who are ready and willing to develop their skills and seize the second chance for a promising career.

Second Chance Hiring for Local Communities

Are you interested in creating your own second chance hiring program? As part of its commitment to support second chance hiring as a workforce solution for the manufacturing industry, the Manufacturing Institute has developed a Second Chance Hiring Toolkit for Local Communities.

If you are an employer, a community-based organization, or any other entity looking to start a second chance hiring initiative, please join us to learn how this Toolkit can best help you get started. You will hear how the Manufacturing Institute has identified best practices over the past two years working with employers, community partners, and experts in the field.

About the Second Chance Program

Partnering with Stand Together Trust, the Manufacturing Institute is enabling industry to grow the modern manufacturing workforce while closing the opportunity gap. Through roundtable discussions, webinars, C-suite leadership events, case studies and research, the Manufacturing Institute is helping manufacturers navigate second chance hiring and best practices. If you are interested in learning more about the Manufacturing Institute’s Second Chance Hiring initiative, see our website for more information and resources.

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