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Youth Partnerships

Year-round, the Manufacturing Institute creates, promotes and distributes youth-focused content about manufacturing careers, activities and programs through a variety of partnerships. We seek to amplify this content as well as the most effective work that manufacturers and partner organizations across the country are doing to engage students.

STEM Careers Coalition™

The MI is a founding partner of the STEM Careers Coalition™, a coalition of industry partners that have joined forces to nurture a diverse culture of STEM education in K–12 schools nationwide. The coalition addresses the STEM workforce and inspiration gap by bridging the industry and classrooms at unprecedented scale, with a mission to empower educators to teach STEM effectively in the classroom, foster equity and access to quality education and build the next generation of solution-seekers at no cost to schools. It also provides activities and resources for families to extend STEM learning and career readiness at home as well as activities that company employee volunteers can complete with students.

Future Creators

The MI has partnered with an educational technology leader to provide Future Creators (Endeavor) to select schools across the U.S. at no cost to them. This digital STEM education program introduces students in grades 6–9 to careers in modern manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logistics and more. Using interactive gameplay, students explore a variety of professions, encounter real-world scenarios and learn new ways to solve common problems while interfacing with diverse employees along the way.

Transportation Central Case Study

High School Internships

Internships provide employers the opportunity to explore talent, benefit from different and developing skill sets and train candidates for future positions. They also allow students the opportunity to gain experience with manufacturing processes and safety concepts, industrial work environments and professional cultures—all of which help them make more informed decisions about their future career pathway.

The MI has partnered with Toyota Motor North America to widely distribute the High School Internship Toolkit for Manufacturers as a solution for companies to create a sustainable workforce pipeline that benefits employers, students and the community.

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