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How Will AI Impact the Manufacturing Workforce? 

AI is changing the way manufacturers are doing business from the production line to the back office and across the supply chain. At the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Manufacturing in 2030 Project: Let’s Talk about AI event, panelists from the MI, Pella Corporation, and Deloitte Consulting discussed the potential impacts of AI on the manufacturing workforce of tomorrow.

Key Insights 

  • By leveraging data and utilizing efficient systems, AI will improve communication, increase collaboration across disciplines and stimulate innovation.
  • Manufacturers need to invest in upskilling programs to make the AI integration process smoother.
  • Start building partnerships with local schools, community colleges and technical/vocational schools to develop talent pipelines that will meet the skills needs of the future.
  • While AI will increase efficiencies and reduce repetitive tasks, humans will continue to play an important role in the manufacturing process.
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