Elise Gauthier

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Plant Manager
Stanley Black & Decker

Why am I passionate about manufacturing? I love working in a team oriented environment.

During the past 18 months at Stanley Black & Decker’s New Britain Tools Plant, Elise rallied her team to launch the company’s new product line of Craftsman measuring tapes, driving top-notch fill rate percentages to customers and getting products to the shelves on time. Her leadership skills and her stellar ability to strategically align resources in the factory were invaluable in this effort.

Elise is very involved with daily operations at the plant. She walks the production shop floor multiple times a day, communicating with all levels of the staff. With warmth and candor, Elise turns each encounter into a teaching moment that may lead to quality, process and safety improvements as well as greater employee satisfaction and professional development. She also makes a special point of staying engaged with female leaders at the site, always asking how things are going and giving advice on how to handle various situations. With Elise as site leader, female staff members feel more open and able to communicate, collaborate and drive performance.

To further support her team both personally and professionally, Elise is also involved with Stanley Black & Decker’s Women’s Network and the Prides & Allies group.

Elise’s enthusiasm about the manufacturing industry is having a strong impact on her community. She leads plant tours that teach local youth about manufacturing in the U.S., how much it has changed with the introduction of automation, and how important it is to stay competitive through skill and hard work. She also partners with local technical schools to teach about career opportunities in the field. Elise particularly enjoys showing young people how modern and fun a manufacturing career can be. And, as a further example of Elise’s kind nature and willingness to pitch in to help others, she also regularly volunteers at a local animal shelter.