Elizabeth Mitchell

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

F135 STOVL Chief Engineer
Pratt & Whitney

Manufacturing brings the elements of design and quality together and makes an engineer’s work a reality. It’s exciting, it’s tangible, it’s challenging and incredibly rewarding for an engineer.

Liz sets the bar high for what a manufacturing leader should be. Known as a team player and an excellent leader, she drives for solutions that benefit the whole business, not just her own area. Known for her ability to confront and resolve difficult issues, Liz maintains the can-do spirit needed to overcome any obstacle. This attitude helped her team conquer the challenges of resolving a complicated exhaust system problem. Liz pulled together all the stakeholders and crafted a strategy to prepare everyone for the extensive work required. The team identified several major process improvements necessary for success and worked together to make them happen.

Liz actively mentored supervisors in Hot Section Engineering (HSE)—including female leaders working on stretch assignments. She held regular all-hands meetings and quickly responded to survey feedback, using the data gathered to inform trainings and conversations. Liz easily forms personal connections with those she mentors, and is a trusted confidant. When issues arise, she makes every employee feel their voice has been heard. In her current role of F135 STOVL Chief Engineer, Liz works to maintain these attributes.

Liz is a founding member of the Hartford Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB). Since 2006, many people have joined the chapter and contributed to water resource projects in India, Nepal, Ecuador and elsewhere. Chapter members have made over a dozen trips to partner communities to design, build and monitor systems that significantly improve water availability. Since 2011, Pratt & Whitney has provided numerous grants to EWB and in 2019, United Technologies expanded its corporate partnership with EWB. Liz’s involvement helped make all this possible.

Outside of work, Liz regularly serves as a volunteer for her children’s schools and extracurricular activities. She is actively engaged in her church, where she supports a monthly program for teens.