Hui Peng Koh

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Engineering Director

I am passionate about manufacturing because you are always facing high stakes challenges in a fast-paced environment, demanding you to apply good problem solving and decision making skills, impacting the business while enabling the people around you to excel.

As director of photolithography module engineering at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Hui Peng is the sole woman to hold such a position at the company. Her module is unequivocally recognized as the most critical and challenging in the company, with the largest range of technical complexity, criticality to factory operations, impact upon product quality and total operating cost. Even under this level of challenge and pressure, Hui Peng has thrived, handling difficult situations with calm, clarity and grace. She has repeatedly delivered timely solutions to the most challenging product yield and quality technical problems, developing and implementing unique and creative processes and methods unmatched in the company.

Hui Peng places a strong emphasis on talent development and mentoring for all of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ team members, both within and beyond her area of direct responsibility. Given the unique position she holds, she is sought out by many for guidance and input, dedicating a large portion of her time to the growth of others. As a result of this, she has advocated for development opportunities for several employees, helping to identify and grow multiple female leaders from the company’s technician ranks. Her commitment to mentoring the next generation of talent is clear from her ongoing efforts and the leaders she has already helped identify and develop.

Hui Peng’s commitment to the next generation extends beyond her professional life. She and her family are deeply involved with the Boy Scouts of America, sharing the organization’s goals of positively impacting local communities while developing the character and leadership skills of young people. She has actively assisted in local troop fundraising bottle drives, supported the “Empty Bowl” initiative with local food banks that have partnered with the troop, and mentored her son as he has grown to the position of Senior Patrol Leader and pursued his Eagle Scout rank.