Kathryn Shuler

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Vice President, Energy and Operations Management
Air Liquide

Manufacturing is a major part of our country’s economic strength and delivers opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement. This environment has challenged me and provided many avenues for growth over the course of my career.

Katie is known as a dynamic leader and high performer at Air Liquide. In her current role, she is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of more than 2,000 miles of pipeline, which requires meeting the real time needs of customers while competitively sourcing energy for the asset portfolio. Because both customer needs and energy prices fluctuate rapidly, it is fast-paced work that requires a well-coordinated team. Katie makes sure hers is prepared by challenging them to develop a variety of scenarios based on financial optimization, while keeping safety and risk at the forefront of each decision.

Katie joined Air Liquide in 2001 as an Air Liquide Leading Excellence (ALLEX) participant, which allowed her to enhance her knowledge of the company and gain a variety of skills, thanks to the mentoring she received. Now Katie pays it forward by mentoring other female ALLEX participants in and out of the workplace. She is also an active participant in Air Liquide’s women’s networking and leadership resource group, ALWIN, and she volunteers at college job fairs, helping recruit top engineers. Her STEM background as a chemical engineer and the personal experiences she shares have proven invaluable in attracting top talent to the company.

When Katie was a young student, she was unsure of her skills and her path in life. Then a high-school  chemistry teacher came along who had a profound effect on her and helped boost her confidence. The teacher made such a difference in her life that she knew she wanted to help other students in the same way. The Junior Achievement Program provides the perfect opportunity for her to engage with young girls and use herself—a working mother with a fulfilling, full-time career—as an example of what can be achieved if you believe in yourself.