Michelle Draheim


Principal R&D Engineer

Manufacturing is a function that allows me to add value and build quality into the products that we deliver to patients. It’s also a role that demands continuous improvement which encourages me to learn new things and take on stretch assignments.”

Michelle’s leadership and communication skills have proven invaluable to Medtronic on many occasions. During a manufacturing site transfer that involved the closure of a U.S. site, Michelle led important technical transfer activities and discussions. She completed the key deliverables on time and with sensitivity related to the site closure. The new facility has enabled exponential growth in product sales. As the lead U.S. engineer reviewing and approving project details, Michelle’s continuing support is a vital part of this growth.

On another occasion, Michelle quickly took ownership of a key design corrective and preventive action (CAPA), first as project manager and then as both project manager and CAPA owner. Prior to Michelle’s leadership, this underperforming CAPA team had not delivered on its commitments; as a result, the CAPA had been open for more than two years. Under Michelle’s guidance, this CAPA has now achieved its effectiveness target and will close early, having achieved improved reliability and fewer complaints for the business.

Recently, Michelle took on a stretch assignment to coach two new-to-Medtronic functional team members, leading to more successful on-boarding and project progress and excellence. She is currently mentoring two new employees on her own team, both women, and also mentors an R&D engineer in another Medtronic business. Michelle frequently organizes team building events as well.

Michelle regularly volunteers to pack meals at Feed My Starving Children and has gardened at the Food Group, providing fresh, healthy foods to those in need. She is also a dedicated blood donor who has provided more than 25 pints of blood to date, and coordinated the first-ever blood drive at her specific Medtronic site, which drew more than 50 people to donate blood, more than a quarter of which were first-time donors.