Nate Anderson

Senior Director, Jobs for the Future

Nate Anderson is a Senior Director at Jobs for the Future, focusing on how emerging technologies and innovative educational design can scale equitable economic mobility for U.S. workers. Mr. Anderson leads several bodies of work at JFF concentrating on credentialing, labor market information technologies, digital wallets, non-traditional postsecondary providers, green jobs and the future of work. He also manages JFF’s portfolio of work with telecommunications companies. Mr. Anderson’s current role includes a strong focus on utilizing networks to drive the scale of programs and products that improve worker/learner outcomes. In addition, he has extensive experience providing technical assistance to community colleges, state postsecondary systems, adult education providers and workforce organizations. During Mr. Anderson’s 15+ years in postsecondary education, he has worked on a wide range of additional topics, including postsecondary on-ramps for underprepared students, federal and state policy, postsecondary finance, data collection and analysis, competency-based education and has led bodies of work focused on specific populations/regions, especially rural communities.