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Nicole Wolter

HM Manufacturing
Nicole Wolter headshot

President & CEO

Manufacturing has given purpose to my career and insight into the level of commitment it takes to strategically grow with your employees, within your community and with investing in technology and the next generation. Being able to inspire and curate their talent with internships and experience is valuable and fulfilling.

In 2009, when Nicole got wind that her father’s company, HM Manufacturing, was on the verge of closing its doors due to financial hardship, she left her finance career to join the family business. She soon realized some employees had set up a secret side business using company equipment and materials. Nicole fired them and turned the company around with many new staff members. Not only did she establish tighter controls and accountability, she went much further, implementing new systems and sales initiatives and expanding into different industries. Within six years, Nicole’s efforts increased sales from $80K to $3M. Today, she leads HM Manufacturing as President and CEO.

Because Nicole has achieved so much at a young age, students feel comfortable talking with her about post-graduation goals and future career goals. She often speaks with young women one-on-one about manufacturing careers. Nicole also is a host of the Women and Manufacturing Podcast, where guests give guidance, insight and inspiration to young women beginning to think about their career paths and to experienced career women who might consider a move to a manufacturing career.

Nicole serves as a McHenry High School Advisory Board member, promoting, mentoring and talking with students about manufacturing careers and employing graduates as they complete the program. She’s invited students and their families to tour the HM Manufacturing facility. She also helped McHenry High start an incubator education program, allowing business students to form a product idea and learn how to bring it to market. At McHenry, Lake Zurich, Wauconda and Crystal Lake high schools, Nicole often conducts presentations on advancements in manufacturing and discusses the pay and rewards students can benefit from by choosing a career in the field.