Nidia Garcia Araujo

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Regional Engineering Manager
Cargill de Honduras

I studied mechanical engineering and since it was not common for women to study engineering, it was not easy, but my determination and desire to work in the industry helped me overcome those challenges. Today I am proud to be part of this manufacturing industry where equity and diversity allow us to enhance the team’s capabilities to overcome  challenges and achieve results together. These results have allowed us to be the team of greatest experience and also a guide for the Central America region and Colombia´s facilities. Working in manufacturing, which is typically a man environment, shouldn’t be a limitation for women to believe we are capable of delivering excellent results for achieving goals.

Due to her exceptional job performance and achievements across several positions, Nidia has risen rapidly at Cargill de Honduras. Her strengths include the determination to make things happen, broad perspective, discipline, engagement and strong critical thinking. In 2015, Nidia took on the role of regional engineering manager for both Honduras and Guatemala, where she led the innovative Explore, Develop, Plan and Execute expansions that transformed the company’s poultry plant. Her expert handling of such major projects has elevated her to a position of great trust at Cargill de Honduras, where she is now responsible for capital investments of more than $100 million.

As one of the first women to reach this level in the region, Nidia has inspired many women at Cargill de Honduras to have faith that they can also become industry leaders. She has demonstrated inclusivity and a commitment to gender parity by taking the time to mentor and coach female talent. Nidia encourages her fellow women in engineering to be the very best versions of themselves, and she holds herself to the same high standard. Nidia also supports the ambitions of young women considering careers in STEM by visiting local technical schools and participating in such events as International Women’s Day celebrations. She is always glad to share her story and encourage young women to take risks and chase their dreams.

Nidia has inspired her team at Cargill de Honduras to support important community programs as well. At a local school, she and other volunteers have improved classrooms, painted walls, constructed a kitchen where nutritious food could be prepared more easily and safely, and even repaired the roof. Nidia has also supported many local environmental initiatives, pushing herself and her team to find new ways to reduce water and energy consumption.