Silham El Kasmi

Saint-Gobain Abrasives

Operations Director

Manufacturing is a human adventure mixing the skills of each of us. We are all working together for the same objectives and what I love about my job is managing this team to succeed and make it happen. All the forces together make everything possible.”

Silham has held numerous different positions at Saint-Gobain: R&D Engineer, Business Product and Development Manager, Plant Manager, and now Operations Director. In each capacity, she has made significant contributions to research, engineering and manufacturing thanks to her impactful innovations and her strong management skills, particularly during times of change when her generous and respectful approach helps create positive, cohesive teams.

One of Silham’s most significant achievements was the development of a new product for the wood industry. She authored five patents, all related to one very innovative process which has turned out to be a breakthrough in green chemistry. The substantial benefits this new process has provided have earned Silham several major industry awards and recognitions. In addition, while serving as a plant manager, Silham built a business development team and increased the volumes of her Abrasives plant by 7 percent.

Silham has a strong commitment to promoting the elevation of women to upper management levels in manufacturing. Silham aims to teach and encourage up-and-coming female engineers through personalized guidance and mentorship. Additionally, she is committed to advancing qualified women in the industry through promotions. For example, when Silham hired three women into production manager positions, it marked the first time at Saint-Gobain that women were placed in the roles.

Silham is also President of the Regional Union of Engineers and Scientists of Champagne-Ardenne, an endeavor that led her to create a YouTube video to explain and promote the different jobs she has held in the industry. She has also given well-received presentations on professional diversity to the girls’ leadership organization Elles Bougent (“Girls Move Ahead”) and to the French ideas laboratory La Fabrique de l’Industrie (“The Industry Factory”).