Sonal Gola

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Delivery Manager, Smart Products & IoT

Being part of manufacturing helps me in applying my knowledge and skills in solving problems, develop solutions and feel proud of being able to improve the life of people through the Engineering. I also stay updated with technological trends and innovations.

A long-time employee of Pentair, Sonal currently leads the end-to-end implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) enablement for residential water solutions. Sonal has been a crucial part of Pentair’s digital transformation, creating SMART-connected products that improve customer satisfaction by helping to keep safety standards high and maintenance costs low. With a customer-first focus, she provides valuable technical assistance through strong partnerships with her colleagues on highly complex, technically challenging projects.

Sonal has a passion for growing and developing her team members. Her coaching style encourages curiosity through experimentation and turns failure or mistakes into development opportunities. She is especially dedicated to inspiring her fellow female engineers to push boundaries within the industry, and she has organized and championed several networking events at Pentair’s Global Engineering Centre to facilitate connections among female engineering talent.

Sonal has utilized her deep knowledge of water systems technology and commitment to improving the health of the developing world in several clean water projects. As an example, she participated in the design review of controls and automation systems for Water Mission, a longtime Pentair philanthropy partner that uses Pentair’s innovative technology and engineering expertise to provide sustainable access to safe water in developing countries and disaster areas around the globe.

She has also worked on projects as part of the Pentair Foundation’s partnership with the Safe Water Network to develop and improve water treatment systems required for community health programs. One such project involved a system in the village of Kureb, India. There, she conceptualized and reviewed the system’s current designs and processes and shared recommendations on how to improve automation, remote monitoring and analytics. Through Pentair’s collaboration with Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), a non-governmental organization in Kenya, Sonal also played a pivotal role in improving a water treatment system for a girl’s school in Kibera, an impoverished settlement in Nairobi.  There, she had to familiarize herself with all the system requirements, geographical challenges and government regulations. Sonal was more than up to the challenge, working through all the details to provide much-needed expert guidance—a testament to her commitment to making a difference around the world.