Institute Releases New Report on Data-Driven Manufacturing with PWC

Today, the Institute, in partnership with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, released a new report, “The Internet of Things: what it means for US manufacturing.”

The world is hurtling into an era of deep data inter-connectivity. The report surveyed US manufacturers to learn more about what they are doing (or not doing), and what plans are afoot toward building more sophisticated data-driven businesses.

We found that manufacturers fall roughly into one of three groups: early adopters, sideliners (doing little or nothing), and waders (those beginning or planning to begin to adopt). Some key findings include:

  • 35% of US manufacturers are currently collecting and using data generated by smart sensors to enhance manufacturing/operating processes
  • 34% believe it is “extremely critical” that US manufacturers adopt an IoT strategy in their operations
  • 38% currently embed sensors in products that enable end-users/customers to collect sensor-generated data