How Manufacturers Should Invest Beyond Adaptive Skills to Build Tomorrow’s Workforce

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As manufacturers seek to address the severe talent gap challenging the industry, many also recognize the time has come to elevate it as a strategic priority. To that end, more manufacturers recognize there has never been a more critical time to radically disrupt how we look at capability — our encompassing term for skills, competencies and talent supply across the industry.

Our research uncovered several critical questions that manufacturers need to resolve to maximize their investments in talent development. This study is grounded on answering the following:

  1. While adaptive skills are a key piece of the puzzle to unlock, are there other skills that are also critical?
  2. Where should manufacturing organizations invest across the categories of future-fitted skills?
  3. What areas should manufacturing organizations invest in differently to nurture a culture of continuous learning and development?

Manufacturers that successfully answer these questions and embrace an adaptive culture will improve the likelihood that they will design and deploy training programs that meet the needs of their current and future workforce. In this paper, we touch on how manufacturing organizations can step up to meet the challenges of building an adaptive workforce and deliver even stronger returns on their investment in training programs.

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