Future Skill Needs in Manufacturing: A Deep Dive

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The Manufacturing Institute, in partnership with Rockwell Automation and PTC, released a forward-looking study on where the manufacturing sector will be headed over the next 5 to 10 years and how those changes will impact the necessary skills that will be required of employees. More advanced processes and innovations will necessitate enhanced data and technological skills. As a result, manufacturers will need to support or provide new elements of continuous learning for existing employees, and the skill sets of new employees will need to become increasingly more sophisticated. At the same time, soft skills will always be important. This need for advanced skills sets for modern manufacturers comes against a backdrop of a tight labor market, complicating the search and heightening the already fierce competition for talent.

Beyond looking at larger trends, this research pays particular attention to four different industries within manufacturing and one initiative, each of which is both topical and illustrative of broader trends. The four industries given a deep dive in this analysis are: (1) electric vehicles and battery production, (2) semiconductors, (3) pharmaceuticals and (4) logistics. Additionally, this analysis includes sustainability efforts as an initiative that many manufacturing industries are incorporating into their businesses. The report also offers actionable key insights for other manufacturers.

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