Top 10 Solutions to Connect with Military-Affiliated Talent

MI Solution Series: Military-to-Manufacturing Workshop
Key Insights


To discuss key challenges in connecting military talent to manufacturers and identify effective solutions, the MI convened manufacturing and military leaders in July 2023. Through panel discussions and participant engagement, the MI analyzed top challenges and outlined the following solutions which can build stronger ties between military talent and manufacturing.  

Top 10 Solutions

  1. Make the business case.
  2. Connect with the Army Reserve.
  3. Understand Civilian Leadership Equivalency.
  4. Hire military spouses.
  5. Confirm relevant job position requirements.
  6. Be a leader in your community.
  7. Leverage employee resource groups.
  8. Utilize Heroes MAKE America to build connections.
  9. Leverage community colleges.
  10. Utilize military-affiliated talent as recruitment ambassadors.

Download our Top 10 Solutions one-pager to learn how you can start recruiting more effectively today. 

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