Amanda Hodges

2020 STEP Ahead Emerging Leader

Process Engineer
BASF Corporation

Manufacturing is a place where ideas become reality. I thrive in an environment where creativity is encouraged, and the results are very tangible.  Every day is different and filled with new challenges. I am honored to be part of an industry which continues to change our world.

At BASF’s Chattanooga, Tennessee site, Amanda skillfully leads the way in Lean Six Sigma (LSS), a vital initiative for the company. She has completed multiple Yellow Belt projects and two Green Belt projects, ranging from chemical migration studies for food contact clearance to addressing the corrosion of batch reactor jackets. In a single year, Amanda saved BASF more than $2 million through these types of projects. She has also assisted and supported thirteen colleagues as they have worked to achieve Yellow Belt certification.

In addition to advancing LSS education at the Chattanooga site, Amanda is a leader in environment, health and safety. By applying LSS tools to accident/incident investigations, she works to ensure a safer future for both BASF’s employees and for the community.

By supporting initiatives such as Chattanooga Engineers Week, Amanda shares her expertise and explains how she uses her education in the workplace with engineering students. She also frequently volunteers at her alma mater, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), to encourage new and diverse talent entering the manufacturing field. One of her favorite projects at UTC involves defining an industrial problem and then assisting senior chemical engineering students in “bidding” their designs. In addition to helping with the technical aspects of the project, Amanda advises on the presentations the students prepare at its completion. She also supports the students’ professional development with career mentorship throughout the semester.

Amanda engages the youngest generation of talent as well, especially among girls, through her work with local STEM Days and as a volunteer with BASF’s Kids’ Lab during National Chemistry Week at local Orchard Knob Elementary School. Amanda’s enthusiasm for her profession is evident whenever she’s talking with students, and she is a great role model for what their careers could be.