Anusha Balaraman

Caterpillar Inc.

IM Services Manager

Whether it’s a home or a country, manufacturing makes significant contributions in raising the standard of living even at a local level. Being a woman, it’s unique to choose a manufacturing career especially in countries like mine and I always take pride to have chosen that unique path.”

Anusha has been with Caterpillar for more than fifteen years and currently serves as a mid-level manager. Her primary responsibility is providing services to Caterpillar internal customers, improving supplier performance and inbound efficiency. By thinking and acting beyond her scope of work to gain a deep understanding of customer needs, Anusha and her team provide innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency and create huge cost savings for customers. One of her low-cost, innovative tools helped the facility to save $800K worth of inventory within three months of implementation. Now implemented across multiple facilities, this innovation is becoming a game-changer for Caterpillar’s internal operations.

Anusha is a role model for many female employees at Caterpillar. She does regular coffee table talks with new female employees, and many seek her help when they lack confidence or need help making career decisions. Anusha also works closely with Caterpillar recruiters to identify and hire talented female candidates. Through reverse mentoring with Caterpillar’s senior male leaders, Anusha teaches them about female experiences, perceptions, and challenges that women may face in their careers and in their lives; which in turn improves gender balance and inclusiveness within both the company and society. 

Anusha has a special passion for organizing cultural activities that also give back to local communities. Every year, for special Indian festivals, she distributes new clothes and serves a meal in her home to a group of female hourly laborers in her community. She inquires about their families and volunteers to collect funds that could help these women provide educational opportunities to their children. Anusha personally sponsors the education of two children each year. She also visits an orphanage home twice a year, serving and enjoying a meal with the children and distributing goodies.