Bianca Covington

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Senior Engineer Supervisor, Equipment Innovation
Samsung Austin Semiconductor

The manufacturing environment presents one of the few unique career opportunities in which one can be continuously innovative while searching for opportunities to refine and improve the process.  Every day represents a new challenge; I love coming to work to find solutions, learn from more experienced individuals than myself, and prepare the next generation to come into the manufacturing industry.

In 2015, Samsung Austin Semiconductor began a transition to producing not only in-house products but also products for external customers. This required the plant to meet more stringent quality, system and software requirements. Due to her passion for quality and high standards of execution, Bianca was nominated to drive this transition. Her leadership and innovation created an organized, efficient approach that is still utilized sitewide.

In all, Bianca’s superb project management skills have now guided the release of more than six new or improved software systems at Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

When the Women in Technology at Samsung (WITS) organization was floundering, Bianca was the natural choice to turn it around. To do so, she shaped and recruited 12 women to the leadership board, established formal roles and responsibilities, scheduled events throughout each year, organized standing monthly meetings for all members-at-large, assisted with the creation of the company’s mentorship program and supported off-site events with women’s organizations in the community. Under Bianca’s leadership, WITS has increased its membership from 76 members to 441 members, from new employees to executive leadership at the highest level of the company. In addition to her organizational role, Bianca has also participated as a program mentor for three years.

Bianca is shaping the next generation of engineers by participating in panels, hosting workshops, coordinating conferences, speaking at TED Talks and serving as an advisor at countless STEM events both onsite and offsite. She spent two years serving with the local high school’s STEM Board, helping to build a real-world curriculum while working one-on-one with students to create and improve their resumes and practice interview and presentation skills. She has also volunteered at countless Girl Scouts events, including the Samsung-hosted STEM Camp, to introduce young girls and women to the manufacturing world and encourage them to pursue careers in the challenging and rewarding world of STEM.