Eithne Lynch

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Senior Manager, Process Development
Boston Scientific

Working in the medical device industry, what we build can be transformative. There is a real sense of achievement taking an R&D concept through process development and into manufacturing, knowing that I added value along the way and made a patient’s life better.

Eithne is a true leader in the medtech industry. In less than 15 years at Boston Scientific Clonmel, she has repeatedly demonstrated both her engineering expertise and her commitment to building on her knowledge to advance technology and meet future demands. From her initial role as supplier quality engineer to her current senior leadership position in process development, where the company’s data analytics strategy is just one of her responsibilities, she has been a successful team builder and a driving force for improvement. By constantly educating herself, encouraging others and engaging with the wider academic community in Ireland and abroad, Eithne is helping ensure a strong future for Boston Scientific Clonmel.

As a founding member of the company’s women’s network as well as its first female process development manager, Eithne has been instrumental in mentoring and supporting female talent at Boston Scientific Clonmel. She has both led and participated in discussions to better understand the problems women face in the workplace; she has also helped develop strategies to address such issues as flexible work arrangements, balanced interview processes, mentorship programs and diversity metrics. Because of the opportunities she helped create and the leadership she demonstrated, the number of women in senior positions has grown in recent years.

Not only is Eithne an outstanding role model; she also actively works to inspire the next generation in her community. When Boston Scientific Clonmel recognized the critical need among Irish manufacturers to build a strong future talent pool, Eithne devised a strategy and created a variety of school programs, including one that addressed the need for better work-shadowing experience for 16-17-year olds. Thanks to the structured program she developed, 64 participants in 2018 had the opportunity to experience first-hand various STEM roles throughout the company. Eithne coordinated their activities while also leading wider STEM team initiatives that have been equally successful.