Emily Williams

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Continuous Improvement
Lindsay Corporation

Manufacturing naturally drives passionate people toward a common goal.  I am energized and hopeful going to work every day knowing what we build feeds people and keeps them safe across the globe.  Bringing opportunities to women to feel this same way is beyond rewarding.

Emily has distinguished herself as a natural leader at Lindsay Corporation. Since joining the company, she has taken on and proven herself adept in a variety of roles. As materials manager, she decreased indirect labor expenses, managed the planners and schedulers toward 98 percent on-time delivery and decreased year-over-year inventories by 24 percent during the company’s busiest quarter. As plant manager of Lindsay’s road safety unit, Emily drove the company’s first 366-day accident-free streak. And as head of continuous improvement, she supports Lindsay’s North American as well as its global plants on their lean journey, driving cost savings, process improvements and labor efficiencies.

Emily is passionate about identifying and mentoring future female manufacturers and leaders. She chairs the Women in Manufacturing Nebraska chapter board, where she brings women in the company and the community together for networking and training opportunities. Emily volunteers for speaking engagements with STEM teachers in the local public schools and frequently shares her personal story of transformation from a young woman without a compass to a leader in manufacturing. She has worked with Millard Public Schools on their 2021 STEM curriculum, partnered with the Lindsay Holy Family School’s female students in grades 7-12 for potential mentorship and internship opportunities, and most recently has served as mentor for Beadle Middle School’s all-female 6th- and 7th-grade industrial tech classes.

Emily spends a lot of time and energy volunteering in her community. In 2019 alone she worked on a local Habitat for Humanity project, headed the company’s Cystic Fibrosis Charity Walk and Fund Drive, and was Lindsay’s representative at the Youth Emergency Services Dance for a Chance event, where she was able to raise $10K for homeless youth in the Omaha area by staying in motion on the dance floor.