Erin Amarello

2020 STEP Ahead Emerging Leader

Business Manager, Bearing Inspection, Inc.
The Timken Company

Manufacturing is the unsung hero of the world we live in. Working in manufacturing is an adventure; there is always a process to design or improve, a person behind the machines and technology to coach, and a need in the world for what we are making. 

In the three years Erin has been at Timken’s Keene facility, tremendous improvements have been made across the board. While serving as assembly supervisor, Erin implemented visual management throughout her area, decreasing stagnant orders and increasing schedule accomplishment. As area manager of operations, she introduced new problem-solving techniques while continuing to drive improvement of the main KPIs. In her role as a materials manager, she created stability within her team by implementing standard processes, work instructions and increased cross-training between production control associates.

Erin takes great pride in supporting others to help them realize their full potential—a passion that led her to mentoring and coaching problem solving at Keene. She also created the STAR program, which recognizes associates for improvement activities, quality focus and productivity. In addition, she instituted a biweekly lunch where attendees brainstorm activities to improve plant community spirit.

Because of her exceptional leadership skills and drive, Erin was chosen as Timken Keene’s United Way chair in 2017, with the goal of improving the plant’s involvement. Erin worked with a team to create a kickoff event for all three shifts, spoke at each one and instituted a raffle system for donations. These efforts increased donations from $17,377 to $23,642 and increased participation in the campaign by 12 percent from the previous year. Because of this growth, the Keene facility won the United Way’s Summit Award and its Spirit of Monadnock Award.

Knowing her mother was an engineer gave Erin the confidence that she could succeed in STEM. Paying that forward, Erin has been involved with local Keene State College, helping to develop a data analytics program and participating in roundtable events to talk to students about data analytics opportunities in manufacturing. She has also returned to her collegiate alma mater each year to proofread resumes, prep students for interviews and even provide business attire for young women in need.