Eva Mitchell

Chief Program Officer, CCD Center

Eva Mitchell has focused on academic and career readiness for global competitiveness throughout her 25+ year career. Most recently Eva has worked to accelerate the efforts of municipalities to support equitable career and academic development. She last served as Chief of Accountability for Boston Public Schools, being responsible for state and federal programs, $400M in Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief funding, data and accountability, the 31 district’s lowest-performing schools, and district autonomous schools. Prior to that as Deputy Chief of Strategy and Equity leading strategic plan development and implementation efforts with equity at the center.

Under Mayor Marty Walsh, now United States Secretary of Labor, she served as Deputy of Education, working to align the education and workforce ecosystems. Prior to that she served as Director of a $25M partnership with General Electric to fund STEM college and career readiness. In those roles she launched cross-sector efforts to integrate K-12 with higher education and employers to provide career exposure, exploration and engagement. Efforts involved stakeholders from philanthropy, business, non-governmental organizations, higher education, and local communities.

Eva led Massachusetts Education Reform efforts as Associate Commissioner for District and School Accountability at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and prior to that as Senior Lead at the Governor’s Office of Educational Quality and Accountability. Her work included conducting district and school reviews, monitoring, and interventions including district receivership. She worked with state legislators, mayors, school superintendents, schoolboards, and state policy officials around local and regional improvement, policy development, state regulations, funding and implementation. Policy outcomes included the state’s Act Relative to the Achievement Gap in preparation for the Race to the Top Application and subsequent state regulations.

Eva’s perspective emerges from the global to the grassroots. She served as Vice-President of Education with an international management consulting group. She has led school turnaround, reform, and quality reviews across the United States and in Dubai. She was a founding member and administrator of a project-based pilot public school. Eva also led city-community urban development processes with local non-government organizations.

Eva received her B.A. from Harvard University, M.Ed. from Boston University, and is soon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a doctorate in Educational Leadership.