Evelyn Ferrer

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Senior Director of Operations
Jabil Inc.

As an industrial engineer and a Lean Six Sigma professional, my career in manufacturing has provided me the opportunity to not only develop, optimize and improve processes, but also be actively involved in the manufacturing of innovative and cutting-edge technologies.  But most importantly, my career in manufacturing has allowed me to work closely with our employees, where I have been able to impact the quality of their lives both inside and outside of work.

As the first woman promoted to a senior operations director position for Jabil’s healthcare operations, Evelyn is responsible for nearly 5,000 employees in Latin America. During her tenure, she has overseen the rebuilding of five critical manufacturing sites, increasing revenue by 41 percent, year over year, to nearly $600 million. Combining her knowledge of Lean Six Sigma principles with her engineering and operations experience, she has also led her team in transforming a low-performing site into a successful one, exceeding all expectations. Along the way, she helped improve customer relations, which resulted in the tripling of business from a key customer.

In her 19 years at Jabil, Evelyn has influenced many lives, with a special focus on entry-level female employees. She often mentors many employees simultaneously, frequently meeting one-on-one with each, a significant time investment. With Evelyn’s help, her mentees hone their skills in communication, leadership and organizational effectiveness, all of which will aid them in developing into managers. Two of her mentees have felt so inspired by Evelyn’s mentorship that they now oversee the site’s diversity and inclusion program, Jabil Joules, further empowering the next generation of leaders in manufacturing.

Evelyn’s heart for service has touched the extended Jabil community and the world as well. After Hurricane Maria savaged Puerto Rico, Evelyn jumped into action to help not only Jabil’s Puerto Rican employees but their friends, family and neighbors as well. She visited every weekend for months, delivering food, water, baby supplies, hygiene products, batteries and more. She even brought a satellite phone to facilitate vital communications with the outside world. Afterward, Evelyn took the further step of working with local Jabil leaders to develop a Natural Disaster Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity Plan, protecting safety and stability for the company, its employees and all others who might be affected by future crises.