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Haixia (Suzy) Wang

GE Aviation
Haixia-Wang headshot

Senior Digital Operations Manager   

I have spent much of my career in manufacturing. It has been most rewarding because manufacturing entails opportunities for innovation, and the products we produce touch on many facets of the world. In addition, manufacturing knowledge can be applied anywhere, from Caterpillar’s heavy industrial equipment to GE’s aircraft machines.

Suzy has achieved many noteworthy accomplishments in her time at GE. For example, as Digital Operations Manager, she successfully deployed an assembly operations advisor (AOA) digital tool in the company’s Lynn, MA engine assembly facility. This tool has greatly improved operations. Earlier in her career, Suzy guided a Capability Modeling Project, where she partnered with the GE Global Research Center to deliver a digital software package utilizing discrete event simulation optimization to identify process bottlenecks, predict product shipment and optimize resources. She also initiated a CAD/CAM project, generating computerized numerical control programming for CNC machine tools. Crucial initiatives such as these have resulted in millions of dollars saved for the company.

Suzy is dedicated to providing both support and ongoing training opportunities to her team, as well as opportunities to transition from traditional to digital manufacturing engineering roles. She also shares her spirit of leadership and generosity with the community through GE Girls, Junior Achievement, and high school and college STEM programs. She often shares personal stories of her own journey to success to inspire students. For instance, to show students what they can achieve through passion and commitment, she often recalls how she immigrated to the U.S. and paid for both her master’s and doctoral programs on her own.

Suzy has been actively involved as a community volunteer for years, including work with the Erie Home Shelter, the March of Dimes and Bids for Kids. Over the years she lived in Erie, she sustained these commitments, sincere about making a lasting impact. Earlier this year, when Suzy and her family moved to Lexington, MA, she started volunteering right away as a key member of the Diamond Middle School Council, identifying educational needs, reviewing school budgets and formulating improvement plans. Wherever Suzy lives, the community knows it can count on her for help.