Kim Brunner

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Senior Director, Customer Logistics & Operations
Schwan’s Company

Manufacturing brings to life quality products enjoyed by consumers around the world. They are critical to our economy by employing and training millions of people. Manufacturing works with all functions of the organization. I personally enjoy the challenge of continuous improvement and waste reduction which is part of the everyday life in manufacturing.

In her 13 years with Schwan’s Company, Kim has held positions in each of the organization’s business units with roles ranging from customer service to logistics, demand planning and more. Now serving as senior director of customer logistics and operations, she is a recognized problem solver who makes decisions with customers in mind. As the business liaison between production and business teams, Kim ensures customer needs are met within the confines of profitability, available resources and capabilities.

Kim plays a vital role as a global supply chain and manufacturing liaison to the club commercialization and sales team. She led crucial cost savings projects to simplify raw materials and packaging on the company’s multi-serve pizza portfolio across retail, food service and home delivery businesses. This team was credited with saving the company more than $100 million.

Over the years, Kim has maintained several formal and informal mentoring relationships. With a passion for coaching and training others, she has helped many reach their goals within the organization. By formalizing a mentoring circle program specific to women, Kim has helped foster relationships throughout Schwan’s Company while strengthening learning and networking experiences. Kim is also an advocate and volunteer for the Network of Executive Women (NEW) Twin Cities regional committee, an organization with a mission to advance women, grow business and transform workplaces.

Kim deeply believes in the power of building community and providing continuous learning opportunities to employees. Her broad experiences, knowledge, relationships and skill set are a benefit to the organization, but her attitude is an accelerator to her experience. Through mentorship, education and the community, Kim is dedicated to giving back in all aspects of her life.