Kristine Boehnke*

Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Associate Engineer, Process Safety

‘If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.’ Last year, LLS brought new medications to market to treat lymphoma. Without manufacturing, patients would not have had access to these treatments. Manufacturing is a critical piece for innovation and improving the world around us.”

Kristine has accomplished much in her two years as the lead for PSM (Process Safety Management) at Marathon Petroleum’s (formerly Andeavor) Mandan site. For instance, in order to meet OSHA guidelines, the site needed to implement a technique known as LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) at all its facilities. In conducting the LOPA analysis, Kristine consulted and worked with many employees, from operators to engineers. Her ability to work with people on all levels of the organization and to maintain project-wide oversight was critical to her success in getting the studies completed and has led to greater workplace safety. Due to Kristine’s effective communication, leadership skills and attention to detail, she is often approached by members of all departments for advice on how to interpret PSM elements and their practical applications. 

Kristine is passionate about mentoring younger generations to consider engineering as a career path. She has given presentations to high school students, pointing out the many careers available to engineers and demystifying what engineers do in the field. In addition, Kristine has been a guest lecturer at Pennsylvania State University on topics such as engineering ethics.

In 2018, Kristine helped raise over $80K for the Philadelphia chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As one of several key members of Joshua Schoppe’s team, which for its efforts won the organization’s coveted Man of the Year award, Kristine helped to develop and manage fundraising events, created team challenges and personally donated through Andeavor’s donation matching program. The funds raised will be used to continue research on immunotherapies and targeted therapies for blood cancer patients, to educate and support those affected by leukemia and lymphoma, and to drive policies for new drug development.