Laura Guillott

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Business Planning Manager
Mitsubishi Power

Manufacturing at Mitsubishi Power is not only about creating a product, but it’s also about the relationships that we create with our teams.  I love the fast-paced environment and the team spirit that we have here.  The fact that we are manufacturing products that provide power for the communities that we live and work in is extremely gratifying.

Laura manages a complex demand management system for heavy-duty industrial turbines at Mitsubishi Power. Taking over the newly-established role of Enterprise Leader for Business Process Management, Laura worked within multiple levels of the organization. She helped implement software solutions and improved approval workflows, creating better visibility for leadership decisions and fostering both top-down and bottom-up approaches to a wide variety of challenges. Most importantly, Laura led the company to a much-improved organizational structure within many areas, including manufacturing and corporate and headquarters functions.

Laura’s efforts have helped Mitsubishi Power deliver 100 percent on-time to customers year over year. For her contributions, she has been awarded the business’s top distinction, the CEO’s Star Performer Award.

Because of her strong interest in supply chain management, Laura is proud to be an active board member of the local APICS chapter, supporting meetings, educational programs, workshops and charity initiatives. As part of her APICS involvement, Laura has invited women from her plant, the Savannah Machinery Works (SMW), to attend regular meetings and participate in community service projects. This introduction to APICS is an extension of Laura’s enthusiastic and ongoing mentoring of women at SMW.

When a close colleague was diagnosed with colon cancer, Laura assisted with emotional support, doctor visits, treatment transportation and other activities. To help raise awareness, she also supported and participated in a company sponsored 5K run for colon cancer research as part of a national campaign called “Get Your Rear in Gear.” Mitsubishi Power was recognized as the largest supporter of the event, with more than 75 employees and family members in attendance. This is only one example of Laura’s compassion and “let’s get to it” attitude when it comes to supporting her family, friends, coworkers and community.