Megan Supan

2020 STEP Ahead Emerging Leader

Operations Development Specialist 
Smithfield Foods, Inc. 

I am intrigued by all manufacturing processes; how numerous pieces are orchestrated at the right time to take a product from raw state to a finished product a consumer can purchase. The fast pace and continued innovation each day keeps me engaged, inspired and in a constant state of learning.

Megan has been vital to the progression of operation changes at currently ten Smithfield Foods’ facilities. Most recently, she strategically led a three-month project to transfer an entire production department, consisting of over 50 products and various equipment, from one facility to five others. This required constant communication and complex coordination to meet the project deadline. Under Megan’s leadership, the project met not only its deadline but its goals of significantly reducing cost and aligning products in the specializing facilities.

Megan’s friendliness, helpfulness and confidence make her a great role model among more than 400 employees at the Wichita facility. For instance, when the Wichita team was having difficulty in completing a crucial transition, Megan recognized the problem needed organizational management, took the initiative to bring the team together and provided guidance that resulted in a smooth transition. Always willing to patiently explain each step of a task, Megan not only covers the technical aspects—she helps people better understand the overall importance of a project and the vital roles they play in it. She is a true change agent who engages all aspects of the business and facilitates effective, innovative projects that propel Smithfield forward.

Megan has proved herself a valuable team player in many company-led community functions, including an employee appreciation cookout at the Wichita facility. Beyond collaborating on the event logistics, she actively engaged everyone in attendance, showing sincere gratitude for their hard work. In addition, she and the Wichita team extended their volunteer reach into the larger community during the holiday season by distributing hams to those in need. This was only a small portion of the over 22 million servings donated across the United States in 2019 as part of the company’s Helping Hungry Homes® initiative which focuses on alleviating hunger and helping Americans become more food secure.

By participating in holiday giving, Megan’s passion for helping children in food insecure homes has grown. She now participates in making bags for Food 4 Kids, a program established by The Kansas Food Bank. This program discreetly distributes pre-assembled food bags to food insecure children each Friday to provide nutrition and calories on the weekends.

Although Megan has lived in Wichita for only a short time, she continues to seek more volunteer efforts through her church and other civic organizations.