Priya Almelkar


Senior Director, Information Technology

Manufacturing, especially in the semiconductor industry, excites me since it’s the part of industry that’s changing the world. We manufacture crucial parts of finished products that touch the day-to-day lives of so many people, ranging from the automotive industry to modern handheld devices, or sophisticated defense technologies.”

Priya is a Senior Director of Information Technology for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES team, leading infrastructure services, enterprise architecture and disaster recovery teams globally while supporting all fabs and corporate systems. Since joining GLOBALFOUNDRIES, she has transformed and modernized the infrastructure supporting all manufacturing applications. In 2015, Priya generated $3M in savings for storage technology through the globalization of maintenance contracts. In 2016, she led an in-depth analysis of database configurations and implemented several improvement initiatives. The processes developed under her leadership have paved the way for future growth and financial savings while improving morale and productivity. Changing the team’s culture at a time when the company was in turnaround mode is seen by all as a major accomplishment.

Priya is also in high demand as a mentor to many women at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, both formally and informally. Her efforts to empower and guide women have greatly increased diversity within her own team by promoting women’s talents throughout GLOBALFOUNDRIES and enriching the company as a whole. Outside of the company, Priya’s presentations on the future of females in STEM fields have made her a strong ambassador for women in technology.

Priya also volunteers in many organizations outside work. In addition to being a dance teacher for young girls at the local community temple, she is involved with Asha for Education, an organization bringing hope through schooling opportunities. She actively participates with the Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity. Priya is also on the board of directors of Bra Couture KC, based in her hometown of Kansas City, which provides cancer medications, prostheses, treatments and transportation for cancer patients and survivors. No matter where she lends her time, Priya is always quick to suggest new ways to help and protect those in need.