Rebekah Mills

2020 STEP Ahead Emerging Leader

Software Engineer
Lockheed Martin Corporation 

The beauty in manufacturing is that it touches every aspect of humanity. From the clothes we wear to the rovers exploring Mars, manufacturing is integrated into everything we create. Working in a field whose impact is so widespread allows us to find the perfect intersection of our skills and passions.

Rebekah Mills joined Lockheed Martin as a software engineer in 2015, and during that time she has taken on roles outside of her discipline to expand her knowledge of manufacturing in the space domain. In one of these roles, Rebekah played a key part in a team that redesigned a critical product needed across all Low Earth Orbit and Geostationary Earth Orbit space-based missions in the company’s LM50 and LM400 product lines. This product redesign required low-cost and low-SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) while meeting the performance requirements for space-based missions. After rapid development and qualification, the team produced a product that reduced cost by an order of magnitude compared to the next in-family product. These cost savings are shared with Lockheed Martin’s commercial and government customers, providing more affordable access to space.

Within Lockheed Martin, Rebekah is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. She leads the Lockheed Martin Space Women’s Impact Network, where she develops initiatives that recruit, retain and advance women at the company by offering professional development, mentorship and networking opportunities. In this role, Rebekah has worked to strengthen company policies around issues like parental leave, fertility treatment benefits and sexual harassment.

Outside of the workplace, Rebekah dedicates her time to reaching and inspiring the next generation of talent. By partnering with organizations like Girls Who Code, Girls Incorporated and Girls Exploring STEM, she introduces young girls to different aspects of software engineering and manufacturing. She also participates in Lockheed Martin’s annual Code Quest competition, where high school students across the world work in teams to solve programming problems. As a program designer, Rebekah creates challenging problems to develop students’ knowledge in programming and build excitement around the endless possibilities in software development.