Robyn Young

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Senior Staff Engineer
Kennametal Inc.

Manufacturing offers a broad variety of challenging and rewarding jobs that fuel our competitive drive. Every day I get to collaborate and learn from people, at every level of our business, around the world.  Whether it’s solving complex issues or implementing new processes, we work together to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Robyn has held many positions at Kennametal over the last 20 years, helping contribute to growth by successfully leading multiple product launches, process improvements and capital installations. Since assuming the position of senior staff engineer, she has worked with different cultures and has consistently demonstrated her skillset to benefit multiple plants across several business units. Robyn’s experience and knowledge have made her invaluable to Kennametal at every level, from communicating on the shop floor to reporting to executive leadership and teaching the next generation to be sound project leaders.

Robyn was recently able to mentor various program engineers from one of Kennametal’s China facilities, as they visited Germany and the United States to gain experience in manufacturing procedures. Robyn’s best practices knowledge and experience model has also been extended to help other company locations.

Robyn’s passion for manufacturing and mentoring extends into the community. She routinely hosts students interested in touring Kennametal’s manufacturing facility and takes the opportunity to promote the many benefits of a career in manufacturing. For 10 years, Robyn has served on the advisory committee for the Computer Integrated Machining program at a local community college and has provided input on safety in the machining classroom, equipment purchases and curriculum development. She also supports the program by conducting on-site assessments for the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) program accreditation. Outside of her professional interests, Robyn is active in the local United Way and works with her church on various projects to support the local community.