Sheri Lewis

2020 STEP Ahead Honoree

Vice President Global Operations

Manufacturing is an important part of any business.  I am passionate about the work we do in manufacturing and operations to produce high quality products in a safe environment, by people who are inspired and dedicated to the customers we serve.  It’s a key partner at the leadership table.

Sheri is an accomplished global operations executive with more than 30 years of experience. Currently leading Global Operations for the minimally invasive therapies group at Medtronic⁠, Sheri is the first woman in company history to achieve this senior leadership position. Known for her ability to create a clear vision and develop high-performing teams, she is valued for her ability to provide opportunities for her employees, create a winning culture and get things done.  She led the development and execution of the company’s first enterprise-wide supply chain strategy, with the company achieving quality process improvements, service level improvements and more than $350 million in cost savings—benefiting patients, customers and shareholders.

Sheri is committed to helping grow the next generation of industry talent. She has served as the Chair of the Medtronic Women’s Network for nearly four years, helping accelerate the careers of women at Medtronic and playing a pivotal role in shaping the company’s family care leave policy in the U.S. She also serves as a Medtronic coach, mentoring aspiring leaders—mostly women but men too—across the company. She has spoken at more than 50 events across the globe including Gartner’s Women in Supply Chain Leaders program, where she has led small group sessions on career development and networking.

Outside of Medtronic, Sheri serves on the supply chain and operations advisory boards at both the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and University of Wisconsin-Madison. She advises the universities on program and curriculum development, actively mentors college students, participates in career fairs and speaks at several events per year at each campus. Serving as the Medtronic Women’s Network Chair, she has been instrumental in developing programs globally to recruit, advance and promote women into leadership positions.