Shveta Agarwaal

Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Proposal Manager – Asia Pacific

Manufacturing is the amalgamation of innovation, technology and skill set. As an engineer, the prospect of ‘creation,’ be it a new idea, product or process, drives me to move continuously forward. My work encompasses process development and continuous process improvement much suited to the dynamic manufacturing industry.

Shveta has been a dynamic leader at Rockwell Automation India. For instance, when she was tasked to set up and lead a centralized proposal team for the company’s customer support organization in the Asia Pacific, Shveta’s vast experience in various leadership positions helped her to excel and complete the mission in a short span of time. She also successfully implemented a set of robust processes that helped streamline the end-to-end proposal process, tirelessly driving the implementation of the process with all relevant stakeholders to find a sustained outcome. Shveta is especially accomplished at moving these tasks to completion while managing the different styles and high expectations of multiple stakeholders across many countries in the Asia Pacific region.

An excellent manager, Shveta leads by example and directly mentors a group of female engineers from Korea, China, and India, positioning them for success as next-generation leaders. She also recently served as a mentor for two field business leaders as part of Rockwell’s FBL Academy program. Due to Shveta’s ability to retain and cultivate diverse talent in terms of both gender and country of origin, her team members feel welcomed, involved and self-assured.

Shveta regularly lends her time to volunteer and social work. She has been involved with the Times of India’s Teach India program, which teaches children in areas with low school density. In this capacity, Shveta helped the children with everything from basic language skills and mathematics to personal hygiene. She has also volunteered with LIB international, a nonprofit organization supporting local artisans in India. On a personal level, Shveta also assists young girls in their educational endeavors. For the past three years, she has tutored her maid’s daughter, who is now preparing for enrollment at college. Her willingness to assist others and passion to empower young girls in education make Shveta an exceptional role model.