Susan Dadd


Lead, Turnaround Department

Manufacturing is always changing and developing over time so as a Turnaround Lead at the plant, my team is always implementing new project technology or keeping the plant in great working condition. As women leaders in manufacturing, we set future goals and achievements for many other leaders to follow.”

Susan’s energetic personality and robust engineering and management experience have served her well throughout her 19 years at Covestro, where she has set herself apart as a well-respected female leader in a predominantly male industry. With a background in chemical engineering and talent for innovation, Susan has led important initiatives that have increased efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Today, Susan serves as Turnaround Lead for Covestro’s manufacturing site in Baytown, TX, strategically planning maintenance and turnaround roles that sustain long-term reliability and efficiency at the site. During a turnaround, Susan coordinates up to 900 jobs over a 42-day period, with 300-plus people per shift. Susan not only leads this monumental logistics effort, but she also ensures it is executed with a safety mindset.

Susan mentors several female colleagues at Covestro, providing guidance to help them grow personally and professionally. She is a member of Baytown’s new Lean In chapter, which helps women achieve success in the workforce. Susan takes part in numerous STEM-focused mentoring initiatives, including the Girls in STEM mentoring program, Greenlight for Girls Day, science fairs at Goose Creek School, Goose Creek Women Mentorships, and the Lee College Women Experience Exchange. For 15 years, Susan has also corresponded with third graders through Covestro’s pen pal program, helping to foster an early interest in STEM.

For more than ten years, Susan has volunteered for the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Education Center, where she helps students discover the joy of science by teaching them how to use a microscope. She is an active volunteer with her church, teaching faith formation to second graders, working with high schoolers through youth ministries such as Life Teen and Chosen, and coordinating the church bazaar. Susan also works with the Boy Scouts as a faith coordinator and volunteer.