Vivian Wang headshot

Vivian Wang

Jabil Inc.
Vivian Wang headshot

Operations Development Assistant Purchasing Manager

Innovation is changing the world, but manufacturing is the most critical carrier and basis. To deliver the best product with competitive price to customers is not that easy. It makes me excited and fulfilled when I can make contributions for this industry because I am changing the world indirectly.

Vivian Wang joined Jabil five years ago as an employee-in-training at its Chengdu site. She quickly became a pioneer and subject matter expert within the company’s Systems, Applications & Products data process team. As a result of her proven capabilities and dedication to integrity, Vivian was asked to lead that team only a year after joining it.

Highly esteemed at Jabil for her ingenuity and her high performance in communication, coordination, and project management, Vivian has built a strong team with some of the youngest employees in the company. Thanks to her leadership, Vivian’s team has set out to break the common stereotype that younger people are indecisive and not collaborative. A strong believer in accountability, Vivian is establishing trust and responsibility as the foundation of her team. She also frequently creates collaborative projects that allow individual team members to gain valuable experience and leadership skills of their own.

Vivian was born in a small village with a large gender imbalance, in which males were traditionally viewed as leaders. She was blessed to have a father who instilled in her a sense of empowerment and confidence, but she knew many less fortunate girls who couldn’t afford an education or who had to quit school to support their families’ needs. Her hopes for young women like these led Vivian to join the Education Support Department of the Changchun XinYun Volunteer Association. As a volunteer there, she has raised funds for educational assistance and tutored and mentored girls, even on the weekends, noting that “education never rests.” Because of her generosity and dedication to providing equal education opportunities for all, Vivian has helped at least 200 students through this association.