Connecting Manufacturers with the Future: How 5G is Transforming the Manufacturing Landscape

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5G will usher in faster speeds, greater throughput and lower latency. The network specifications also promise greater reliability, extended battery life for connected devices and support for massive device connectivity. Not only will these network characteristics combine to revamp current manufacturing activities, but 5G will also be a catalyst for innovation. 5G will empower workers across the factory floor in myriad ways, helping to support the men and women who make things in America.

This paper presents new research exploring how manufacturers perceive 5G capabilities and their plans to fully utilize the unique potential of 5G connectivity. 5G is a key ingredient in defining the next generation of manufacturing in America. With its help, manufacturers will improve the quality of products, optimize workflow and deliver new products and services to internal constituents and external customers.

The combinatorial power of 5G and manufacturing has broad implications. Nearly all manufacturers believe 5G connectivity will be important to the overall future of their businesses. Crucially, the faster 5G technology can be deployed to manufacturing, the more competitive manufacturers feel they will be; the vast majority report the speed of 5G deployment will have a positive impact on their ability to compete globally. The rate of 5G uptake among manufacturers, and what they can accomplish with this transformative technology, could increasingly define the competitive landscape and thus manufacturing more broadly.

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