High School Internship Toolkit for Manufacturers

This toolkit is designed as a guide for employers interested in developing a new high school internship program or improving an existing one.

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For many years, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, in partnership with high schools in the San Antonio area, has operated highly successful summer internship programs. Toyota believes that high school internships can help create a workforce pipeline that benefits employers, students and the community. 

Internships provide employers the opportunity to explore talent, to benefit from different and developing skill sets, and to train candidates for future positions. They also allow students the opportunity to gain experience with manufacturing processes and safety concepts, industrial work environments, and professional cultures–all of which will help them make more informed decisions about their future career pathway. 

Toyota is pleased to partner with the Manufacturing Institute to share this toolkit with the broader manufacturing community. Strengthening the manufacturing workforce pipeline is critical, and all manufacturers can play a role. By utilizing this toolkit, more manufacturers can engage in the process directly and develop essential partnerships with their local high schools.

Toolkit Contents

  1. Purpose of the Toolkit 
  2. The Benefits of an Internship Program 
  3. Toyota’s Experience Implementing High School Internships 
  4. Labor Laws to Consider 
  5. The Image of Manufacturing 
  6. Developing the Internship: Planning 
  7. Developing the Internship: Recruiting and Onboarding 
  8. Developing the Internship: Progress Monitoring and Evaluation 
  9. Internship Program Management 
  10. Final Thoughts 
  11. Appendix: Useful Templates 


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