2023 Mentorship Program

Together, we have the potential to add half a million women to the manufacturing industry by 2030.

 Over the next five years, the Manufacturing Institute’s Women MAKE Mentorship Program will create a nationwide movement designed to change perceptions by training more than 1,000 female mentors and helping them connect to younger women in the industry and beyond by engaging with women in four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, high schools and middle schools. The Women MAKE Mentorship Program acts on decades of research and more than a decade of impact to help close the gender gap in manufacturing.

This program is an opportunity for women in the manufacturing industry to form a relationship that can provide professional guidance on how to navigate challenges and career advancement.

Notably in 2023, we are inviting young women and girls ages 13+ interested in STEM, as well as refugees seeking opportunities in the U.S., to join the Women MAKE Mentorship Program to help inspire the next generation of female talent and provide a direct view into the American business culture.

You can find more information on program dates and details below.



Sign-Up Form

The 2023 Women MAKE Mentorship program is currently underway. This is one of many mentoring programs and there will be other opportunities to join.

Be sure to check back in the fall for more information about the next enrollment period.

For more information, please contact the Women MAKE Mentorship Team at [email protected]

Program Dates

2023 Women MAKE Mentorship Program: Key Dates

  • January 2023: Women MAKE Mentorship Program applications due
  • February 2023: Mentor/Mentee trainings
  • March 2023: Receive matching information
  • April – December 2023: Monthly mentor/mentee sessions facilitated with the support from the Women MAKE Mentee & Mentor Guides

Mentor Training

Mentor and mentee training provides an overview of how to have a successful mentoring experience. Participants have the opportunity to review the Women MAKE Mentor & Mentee Guides and learn best practices on how to maximize this experience.

Details on the next training schedule will be provided in fall 2023.

Thank you for your patience.


For more information, please contact the Women MAKE team at [email protected].