Webinar: Second Chance Hiring In Your Community


On September 8th, The Manufacturing Institute held a webinar on second chance hiring for manufacturers. The webinar featured experts who discussed best practices for second chance hiring, as well as focused on the roles that community-based organizations play in supporting an employer’s ability to hire and retain individuals with a criminal record. To learn more about second chance hiring, visit www.themanufacturinginstitute.org/workers/second-chance/.

Program Agenda

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Where do I start: Community-Based Partnerships

  • Explore how to incorporate Second Chance hiring into your talent acquisition strategy by developing partnerships with reentry and workforce organizations supporting people returning from incarceration. This session will provide an overview of community-based partnerships and how you can incorporate them in to your second chance hiring program.
    • Salomon Moreno-Rosa, Principal, Envoy
    • Matt Joyce, Envoy
    • Cassi Zumbiel, Director of Workforce Initiatives, The Manufacturing Institute

Round Robin: Community Partnership Spotlight

Individual Supports: Cincinnati

  • Individual supports are essential to success in hiring and retaining individuals from the second chance population. Cincinnati Works and Beacon of Hope directly address the barriers that individuals will face, while also partnering with employers in how to address them.
    • Rayshun Holt, Beacon of Hope Business Alliance – Program Director, Cincinnati Works

Workplace Readiness: Houston

  • Learning work readiness skills is essential before entering a new career. Hear how this unique program teaches those skills and how they translate into a successful placement with an employer.
    • Bryan Kelley, CEO, Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Employer Engagement: Minnesota

  • Hear how The Redemption Project works with corporate partners willing to mentor individuals while they are still incarcerated and provide these individuals with meaningful employment opportunities upon their release.
    • Dwight Tostenson, CEO, The Redemption Project

Direct Placement: Charlotte

  • Direct hiring is the traditional model of hiring but has unique considerations when engaging with the second chance hiring population. Learn how you can receive employee recruitment, training, and retention services through a partnership with a community-based organization.
    • Patrice Funderburg, Executive Director, Center for Community Transitions

Transitional Hiring: Nationwide

  • CEO connects individuals to employment through a crew staffing model. Learn more about transitional hiring and if it is the right model for your company.
    • Brittany Murrey, Director of Workforce Advisory Services – Inclusive Hiring, Center for Employment Opportunities

Employer Implementation Case Study: Toyotetsu Texas

  • Totyotetsu Texas are leaders in second chance hiring in San Antonio. Utilizing their community partners to find success, their hires are shown to be more productive and have a higher retention rate.
    • Leslie Cantu, Assistant Vice President of Administration, Toyotetsu Texas

Fireside Chat

  • SHRM Foundation’s Getting Talent Back to Work initiative is leading the way to reduce barriers and build bridges to employment for people with criminal records, believing strongly in the power of HR in building diverse and inclusive workplaces that deliver value to people and business. During this session, hear about SHRM Foundations recently released data on Getting Talent Back to Work.
    • Wendi Safstrom, Executive Director, SHRM Foundation
    • Carolyn Lee, Executive Director, The Manufacturing Institute

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