Solution Series: Flexibility for Production Workers

Thank you for your interest in the Manufacturing Institute’s Solutions Series Workshop on “Flexibility for Production Workers”. Unfortunately, the event has been cancelled and we will share details on other ways we will be sharing insights on workplace scheduling and other top workforce issues in the future. In the meantime, if you have questions please contact [email protected] and access the MI’s resources on flexibility which are available here.

What You’ll Learn

The Manufacturing Institute invites you to our latest Solutions Series workshop, “Flexibility for Production Workers”. At a time when workers are demanding more flexibility, manufacturers need solutions that recognize production demands. Join us for an interactive workshop to learn about innovative flexibility models being pursued by manufacturers and collectively explore new strategies manufacturers can test and deploy to support flexible schedule designs.

Attendees will receive:  

  • Key insights from manufacturers that have deployed effective and innovative scheduling approaches.
  • Advice from experts with solutions to support manufacturers’ work to evolve and adapt their strategies.
  • Recommendations from the Manufacturing Institute drawn from recent case studies.
  • Build a network of peers who are addressing these similar challenges.

Who Should Attend

This interactive workshop will be most beneficial to companies that are just beginning to explore flexibility or have started to test various approaches. We recommend HR and operations leads, or individuals in similar roles, consider attending this event.

Why You Should Attend

Workplace flexibility is a benefit that workers are actively seeking.

  • 42% of workers say that flexibility is just as or more important than pay.
  • 50% of manufacturing employees cite flexibility as a reason they stay with their employer.
  • 63.5% of manufacturing employees would look for more flexibility in their next role if they were to leave their current company.

Despite this, many manufacturers are struggling to identify and implement the best strategies to incorporate flexibility, especially for production workers. Offering flexibility to production workers can act as a crucial differentiator in a tight labor market and expand access to various talent pools.

By attending this event, you will identify new strategies and learn how to begin to deploy them in your facilities. Join us to learn how these solutions could help you address this key recruitment and retention challenge.

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